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FIBER SEAL System-Kit Manual

If the Aircraft based FIBER SEAL System-Kit Manual is not avilable, please click on the link at the end of this page, print a new copy and put it back into the System-Kit on to the aircraft.






Flammability Test FAR/JAR 25.853 Appendix F, Part 1                                

The following test samples has passed the above FAR Flammability Test (Original text):



Flammability Test FAR/JAR 25.853 Appendix F, Part 1, 12 sec./vertical. The testsamples for the flammability Test FAR 52.853 are prepared as follows:

Test 980101, Protection–System Test (green marked):

  1. Vacuum-dry-cleaning

  2. Treated with Protect, acc. FIBER SEAL-Protection-Handbook, Art. 4.0, Page 25 (Ratio 1:8, Valume 0.5lt/m2)



Test 980102, Longterm-Useage Test (red marked)

  1. Basic Wet Cleaning acc. FIBER SEAL-Handbook, Part 1, Art. B, Process 11 to 20: Pretreatment with Peruno, Wetcleaning with Perpolito, Fiberprotection with Protect (Ratio 1:8, 0.5lt/m2).

  2. Fullsurface aftertreatment acc. FIBER SEAL-Stainremoval Handbook , Part 2.2 (Chemical Stainremoval), Page 11 to 20, with the following products: Relift, Regulat, Respot, Report, Redukt and Rezimat.

  3. The process of Art.1 and 2 of this test has been repeated 16 times. The dryingtime in between was at min. 24 hr.



FIBER SEAL certifies that the above testpreperation has been done in accordance with the mentioned terms of the specifications.

Kesswil, 30.11.98

Hans Ruf/QA